A photo of the author and his family


Since you’ve come to my “home,” you might as well meet the family. This is us last Thanksgiving. This is me, the one with the turkey grease on his shirt.

In addition to recklessly carving meats and confusing my wife, I also teach the Bible. I’m not an academic, but I like to think and ask questions. I aspire to be honest personally and professionally. This aspiration has led me to some insights that frankly need to be shared.

What’s a “Spiritual Savant”?

This is my friend and former coworker, Brian. One time, after I’d given what must have been the third obscure Bible fact at our church staff meeting, he dubbed me “The Spiritual Savant.”

You know what? It fits. So, I’m owning it. I even got a logo!

So, now that we’ve met you might as well come in off the porch.

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