Richard scowled at the framed poster displayed on an easel at the entrance to the gift store.  “What a sham!” he nearly shouted. Startled by Richard’s outburst, a passerby named Peter asked, “What is?” “This poster, it’s an utter sham!” Richard replied.  “These big gift store chains think they can dupe the public into buying … Continue reading Holigram

Psalm 1 {Guest Post}

A new friend, Zane Gilley, who now ironically is an atheist has sent me a couple of poetic adaptations of the Psalms which it is my pleasure to post here at the savant spot.  Enjoy! Psalm I Blessed be the man who doeth these things three: Walketh not in the ungodly counsel, Standeth not in the … Continue reading Psalm 1 {Guest Post}

You Can Keep It

In the wake of various rallies which have taken place over the weekend regarding religion and the free exercise thereof, a question springs to my mind: "Who Would Jesus Protest?" Before you throw that question out as irrelevant, remember that Jesus lived and ministered in a highly-charged political environment. Jesus interacted with several political entities … Continue reading You Can Keep It

Religious Unbelief

The Bible warns against unbelief but not against atheism per se.  How could the writers of the Scriptures have warned against atheism?  There weren’t any atheists.  I’ve heard commentators on a local Christian radio station aim Psalm 14:1 (“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’”) at atheists.  Of course the implication becomes, … Continue reading Religious Unbelief

Poker Face

"Something's wrong with me?", Jamie, my wife, said over the phone.  "I can't straighten my legs.  What am I going to do?" What was she going to do?  What was I going to do?  I was out on my route.  I couldn't leave.  I felt helpless.  She was at home taking care of our two young … Continue reading Poker Face

Less Debating; More Discipling

This is an amazing video with some great thoughts thrown in. Just a reminder about how easily we’re thrown off course from carrying out the Great Commission. If we make disciples (I mean Christ followers) we will combat abortion!

Ben Moushon Fitness

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  John 8:7

Like many of the Evangelical Political issues that have overtaken the presidential elections this year, the debate over contraception coverage in the healthcare  baffles me.  And like so most of those issues, it seems like a loud majority is making uninformed assumptions about and trying to control the vast majority.  When the truth is Christians aren’t statistically much different than the rest of society.  There are similar percentages of Christians having premarital sex, watching pornography, abusing alcohol, getting divorced, abusing their spouses, stealing, lying, murdering, committing adultery…

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Indigenous Believers Speak Out Against C5/Insider Movements

Just another example of why “cutting edge” methods which we receive second hand have no value. The mission starts where we are. We must do it! We must reach those we know and equip them to reach people they know, trusting in the power of the gospel and Jesus’ presence with us to handle cultural barriers for us.

The other side of the story

Western missionaries are removing “Son of God” from Bible translations produced for Insider Movements. Hear Asians talk about the impact, in their own words.

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Do You Know Jack?

I've recently been discussing the idea of truth with an acquaintance. Is it possible to know the truth? Where is truth to be found? We can discover truths by observations in nature or Scripture, but the challenge becomes assembling truths into a coherent model of reality or the truth. Of course, nobody knows how many … Continue reading Do You Know Jack?

I just found this on the blog role. Great to find people who will do your blogging for you 😉

Not What I Expected

It’s ridiculous that I love Jesus.

I didn’t want to for so long- and I successfully avoided it for almost 20 years.  There was so much stacked against the idea of believing:  doubt, cynicism, the weird stories about His life.  But most of all, it was Christians that kept me away from Christ.  You know, the mean ones.  The hypocritical ones.  The “you can’t come to church looking like that” ones.

So here I am, 5 years in, and I don’t want to be the kind of Christian that keeps non-believers from Christ.  I want to be a reflection of the purest love I’ve ever known- the kind of love that makes no sense, takes risks, and forgives quickly.  The kind of Love that spends time with non-believers, with no agenda.

Christ follower:  If we really believed the truth and tragedy of this world; that people need Christ, and without Him, there is…

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Honey, If You Love Me…

I've been thinking a lot lately about the reasons that people have for disbelieving God or for questioning his nature. I myself have struggled and continue to struggle with doubts. In fact, I struggle to believe those who say that they have not struggled with doubts. It's hard to believe in God. Bad things happen. … Continue reading Honey, If You Love Me…