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Not What I Expected

It’s ridiculous that I love Jesus.

I didn’t want to for so long- and I successfully avoided it for almost 20 years.  There was so much stacked against the idea of believing:  doubt, cynicism, the weird stories about His life.  But most of all, it was Christians that kept me away from Christ.  You know, the mean ones.  The hypocritical ones.  The “you can’t come to church looking like that” ones.

So here I am, 5 years in, and I don’t want to be the kind of Christian that keeps non-believers from Christ.  I want to be a reflection of the purest love I’ve ever known- the kind of love that makes no sense, takes risks, and forgives quickly.  The kind of Love that spends time with non-believers, with no agenda.

Christ follower:  If we really believed the truth and tragedy of this world; that people need Christ, and without Him, there is…

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By Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.

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