Less Debating; More Discipling

This is an amazing video with some great thoughts thrown in. Just a reminder about how easily we’re thrown off course from carrying out the Great Commission. If we make disciples (I mean Christ followers) we will combat abortion!

Ben Moushon Fitness

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  John 8:7

Like many of the Evangelical Political issues that have overtaken the presidential elections this year, the debate over contraception coverage in the healthcare  baffles me.  And like so most of those issues, it seems like a loud majority is making uninformed assumptions about and trying to control the vast majority.  When the truth is Christians aren’t statistically much different than the rest of society.  There are similar percentages of Christians having premarital sex, watching pornography, abusing alcohol, getting divorced, abusing their spouses, stealing, lying, murdering, committing adultery…

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By Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.


  1. People too often miss the bigger question: Why is there abortion? At the moment I am pro-choice mainly because of rape, incest and the saving a baby a life of suffering. The abortion debate seems to me to be fighting over the symptom and not the cause.


  2. I totally agree; we should focus on the bigger question of why. IMO, when the church obeys Christ’s command to make disciples, i.e. spread his influence in the hearts and minds of people, there will be fewer abortions. However, the stakes go up when one comes under the conviction that unborn people deserve to live. Thanks for your highly informed opinion!


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