What kind of God is this?


photo credit: carbolicsmoke.com


Q- What kind of God would demand that a person offer their son as a burnt offering?

A- The only one.

Easter Sermon 2012

By Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.


  1. I would have to agree with hobbit-humanist.

    Nathan, you are correct about the sound quality. And as having been christian once, and an atheist now, I would have to say this is the best sermon I have EVER heard. That is after 25 years of them.

    It doesn’t make me change my mind; but it was provoking!


    1. Thank you so much. I believe there was some inspiration involved along with whatever natural gifting I possess – the balance between the two will be the topic of this coming Sunday’s talk, “Providence and the Art of Camel Care”
      I’ve given up on trying to change people’s minds. I just plant little seeds. Thanks again for taking the time and for your kind words.


      1. The trick to persuasion or learning new things isn’t in the trying, it is in the letting go and letting your mind do what it knows how to do. It is like juggling or bicycle riding, the more the self is involved in the process, the harder it becomes.
        I could be persuaded, but only in the sense of your portrayal of Pascal … intervention. Deism isn’t an issue because deism doesn’t entail personality.
        What you call inspiration is the artist in you expressing itself. There are depths to all that we are unaware of.


  2. Of course, there is a difference between you and Pascal – he was looking for it.

    On the other hand, Saul of Tarsus was not.

    Regarding learning, I’m coming to believe that human awareness passes through three phases which are represented in my post, “Holigram.” In ascending order they are, naivete, critical thought, and epiphany. Pascal spent most of his life in the second category and attained to the third in 1654. I’d put you in the second category and myself in the third, of course.

    Regarding inspiration, what do you think of the things I discovered in the Gen. 22 narrative? Specifically, the use of elohim in vs. 1-10 and YHWH in 11-19; do you think that was intentional on the part of the author? Also, how do you account for the similarities between the details with Isaac carrying the wood of his sacrifice so his father could kill him and Jesus carrying the cross? I suppose a person could say that the writers of the gospels added that detail about Jesus to intentionally hail back to the Abraham story; but did the writers of the gospels invent crucifixion? Hmmm. Just a few more seeds 😉

    Thanks for thinking I’m an artist but I hardly deserve to share that designation with you. I will however join you in under the heading, “thinker.”


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