Becoming One

Marriage seems so basic to human life and yet it can be so difficult and confusing.  Why is that?  How can we make it work?  Click the picture to hear my latest lesson on reclaiming God’s original intention for marriage.

Becoming One

By Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.


  1. Genesis questionable beyond belief, pure fiction, detached from reality and totally absurd. Women a mere off cut of meat, a mere spare rib to become a ‘helper’. The truth is religion wants women to be subservient and always has, right across the Abrahamic faiths. The massive irony is woman began by using inquisitive intelligence and women have paid the price ever since. Where in the bible does it categorically say ‘God created marriage’? Evidently if we go by Levitican values slaves are also permissible as well as the wife. At the end you contradict yourself by saying if you single then you’re not alone you have god when earlier you liken being alone to wearing Frodo’s ring. Oh and it doesn’t sound like many of the congregation like Lord of the Rings!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to listen, sir. I didn’t contradict myself you just didn’t understand me – probably my fault. Any time a person hides behind his false personna he is truly alone with the devil. To access redemption a person must own up to the sin in his heart. Having done so, he or she will enjoy companionship with God unless and until he begins again to harbor sin in the dark places of his heart. Thanks for the comments.


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