Church Sucks

Well done! Love the phrase, “thuggin’ it wasn’t cuttin’ it.”

The Asian Rough Rider

It’s safe to say that more than half the people on this planet feel that church sucks. They see it as an institution – one that is intolerant, irrelevant, hypocritical and completely out of touch with culture.

It’s also safe to say that the other half of this planet have no official opinion of church because they’ve never formulated an opinion. They’ve grown up their entire lives unchurched in cultures that have no experience with the institution let alone with the person of Jesus.

So why do we plant churches when people just think they suck or don’t care for them? Why do we missionaries, church planters, pastors and Jesus followers devote our entire lives to the pursuit of building the church?

The answer depends on your definition of church. If your mind conjures up images of a physical building with a steeple and cross, or a trendy old movie theatre with a post modern rock…

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Churched to Death

Why do simple church? Because Jesus told us to make disciples. " But," someone might respond, "aren't sermons, Sunday School, VBS, mission trips, weekend seminars,small groups, and a myriad of other programs carried on by institutional churches just methods for making disciples?" From what I've observed after a couple of years of attempting to make reproducing disciples, not … Continue reading Churched to Death