Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Hangouts

10. Can be used with any device…even iOS. 9. Real time and group messaging without Facebook’s invasion of privacy. 8. Make voice calls to any domestic phone. 7. Integrate Google Voice to receive calls, voicemails and texts for free over WiFi. 6. Text anyone in your contacts list from your laptop. That’s right, no more…… Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Hangouts


Richard scowled at the framed poster displayed on an easel at the entrance to the gift store.  “What a sham!” he nearly shouted. Startled by Richard’s outburst, a passerby named Peter asked, “What is?” “This poster, it’s an utter sham!” Richard replied.  “These big gift store chains think they can dupe the public into buying…… Continue reading Holigram